Our beliefs

Your success matters. Your work and your business are an expression of who you are in the world and what you care about. It’s also probably how you provide for yourself and your family. It’s also a large contribution to the community, making Portland what Portland is. Your success matters. Make time to make yourself successful.

  • Knowledge matters. You’ll be more profitable and able to build the life you want if you spend the time learning business ideas and best practices. Other people have been down this path and already made the mistakes. Learning from them is much better than your own trial and error. Thinking and planing strategically of what work should get done, and what work shouldn’t makes a world of difference.

  • Execution matters. Nothing will change unless you take action. You need to see what works. And just as importantly, what doesn’t. You need a bias to action to get to where you want to go. And as life happens, adjust accordingly.

  • Community matters. You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. You’ll be more committed and accountable towards your goals if you spend time with people doing the same. Also, referral networks are the lifeblood of any small business.

Our team


Douglas Tsoi, JD, founded Portland Underground Grad School (PUGS), a school for everyday life, in 2014. By 2018, it offered 80 courses to 1,000 students a year to the Portland public. He sold it in 2018. He continues to teach at PUGS, including courses like Financial Freedom and The Catalyst Course as well as “PUGS at Work” workshops such as How to Train, Inner Wisdom at Work, and Workplace Communication. A nationally-renowned education expert called Douglas "the best teacher I've ever seen teach."

Douglas is a graduate of NYU School of Law, Seth Godin’s altMBA, and The Marketing Seminar. He is looking forward to using his background as a corporate lawyer, his skills as a classroom teacher, and his experience starting, building, and selling PUGS, to help other small business owners succeed in achieving their business goals and building the life they want.

Suzanne Pflaum headshot.jpeg

Suzanne Pflaum, MBA, facilitates groups large and small through transformative experiences that draw on the brilliance already present in the room. A graduate of Bainbridge Graduate School (now Presidio), she experienced the power of an intentional learning community to learn not just core business skills but also how to empower change-makers to lead their businesses to positive impact. With a career spanning corporate sustainability, social impact start-ups, and working for a medium-size design studio, she saw consistent patterns of challenges and successes: when change-makers can show up as their whole selves they are much more effective. And no one can do it alone.

She most recently hung her hat at Context Partners, where she helped brands and causes engage their most loyal customers or employees toward a positive social impact. She brings that expertise to Mycelium to cultivate our community of learners.