The 10x lesson

Do you subscribe to Seth Godin’s blog? You should. He’s insightful and you’ll learn something most every day. Oh yes, every day. Because Seth writes every day. He has over 7,000 blog posts. That’s in addition to his 20 books, public speaking engagements, and his online education platform. 7,000 blog posts. It’s about 20 years of writing, every single day.

Yesterday’s post was called The 10x Lesson. It’s 30 seconds and worth the read. What caught my eye is “a 1x contributor can’t become a 10x merely by working ten times as hard.”

This logic applies if you’re a small business owner. You’re not going to generate 10x more profit by working 10x as hard. Heck you’re probably not going to make 2x more profit by working 2x as hard. As Seth puts it, “It’s that our systems and our self-talk seduce us into believing that repeating 1x work to exhaustion is a safer path.”

To get a different result, you need to do different things. You can’t keep doing this same things and expect a different result. You have to grow into something else, and that takes emotional labor, courage, and the ability to see past the close perspective of the immediate.

The cost of the status quo is staying in the status quo.