Face time vs Facetime

Regardless of the business type, small business owners spend a lot of time on virtual assets. It may be as little as a landing page or as extensive as online products and regular social media engagement. We can relate. Over the last few months we’ve devoted a lot of our time to developing Mycelium’s virtual presents too.

But you don’t do this work for the gratification of a shiny website or full inbox. You do this to find and serve your customers. You do it because you have a business dream to attain. And for many of us that happens most effectively in person, face to face, in real time.

Don’t get me wrong - I’m a fan of working remotely and the incredible flexibility it provides (I’m writing this from an airplane en route to spend time with my family on the east coast). I love connecting and working with long-time colleagues and friends as far away as Australia or India thanks to the internet.

But the transformation you seek, the growth all business-owners require, the relationships we need - those require real face time (not that Apple app version).

It need not be daily or continuous. Sometimes distance is valuable for perspective, for independent thinking. But there’s magic that happens in-person which can’t be fully reproduced virtually. And which forms a critical foundation for virtual communications, for giving each other the benefit of the doubt over the oft-misconstrued email, enduring infuriating tech troubles trying to video chat, or just being patient for a text or email reply.

Together at our in-person live gatherings over the last couple week we experienced that magic: that we all have something valuable to share and to learn from each other, our diversity of industries and skills is a strength, and it’s much more fun to give high-fives in the flesh than awkwardly at a computer camera.  

Every business requires a different mix of virtual and face time. Is yours serving you?

Are there opportunities to build relationships with clients or customers by taking a meeting in person rather than a phone call? Would your employees feel more seen, literally and figuratively, if you gathered together more frequently or worked from home a touch less? You need not reflexively say Yes to these questions. There are real tangible benefits in saying No. My suggestion is simply to be intentional, to make conscious your decisions to work virtually or in-person.

You can’t predict the magic that might happen when you decide to drive across town rather than take that meeting from your PJs.

Mycelium is hosting another free event Feb 4th at Fully in Central Eastside. Once again there’ll be an engaging group of small business owners to connect with, programming to make progress on your business dream, and some high-fives and hugs if that’s your thing.

Thanks again to Fully for hosting us in their ergonomic and delightful showroom!

Look forward to some face time with you.

- Suzanne

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash