How to make 2x or 10x your current revenue

I met a business consultant at a retreat in Baja last week, who told me he worked with businesses wanting to grow 2x or 10x. I said, “I never considered that my business could be 10x.” He responded, “That’s part of the reason it hasn’t happened.”

You want to know how to make twice (or even 10x) as much as you do now?

It starts with grappling with the question: How can I make 2x (or 10x) of what I’m making now?

Without asking the question, it doesn’t happen.

Our world is shaped by what we see.

Our thoughts are shaped by our inquiry.

If you ask it as wishful thinking, that’s what it will be. You have to ask it in a deeper way.

You’ll probably realize that to grow your business 2x or 10x you have to start doing different things. In other words, you’ll have to grow yourself.

You can’t make 2x or 10x doing what brought you 1x. You’ll have to learn new things and do new things.

If you’re happy with your business doing exactly the same in 5 years as it’s doing now, that’s great! I know plenty of people who have reached a point where the status quo is preferable.

If you want 2x or 10x, it’s time to start thinking about what those different things are you need to start doing.

- Douglas