mycelium Networked Coaching


If our five-month Cohort Community is too much of a commitment to you right now, consider joining a Networked Coaching session.

This is not your average group coaching session.

Typically “group coaching” goes one of two ways:

Scenario A - Guru Coach: You show up with a bunch of other really smart folks to ask the super-smart coach to answer all your problems and lead you to the shining solution you never thought of. You listen to other people’s problems and realize you are not so different. You listen to the coach’s solution and are glad someone else thought to ask the question so you could hear the answer you didn’t know you needed. You take in tons of information, bright ideas, and inspiration. But you leave wondering who the heck all those other smart people in the room were. They had similar problems to you. They seemed like they might know something you might need to know. Or you might know something they could use. You walk away with a clear solution and feel empowered to move forward but didn’t meet who you need to know to succeed after this session fades from memory.

Scenario B - Peer Coach: You show up with a bunch of other really smart folks seeking solutions to problems. You all share your challenges and ‘speed date’ to get lots of potential solutions. You make connections. You exchange lots of business cards. You have no idea who is hosting this thing. They are a great MC, keeping us moving, productive, and energized but what might they know? What answers are they holding? You meet a bunch of good folks, you may stay in touch, and you got a barrage of ideas. But you lack the pointed clarity and guidance from a trained coach to bring it all together.


One of the primary beliefs in Mycelium is the people closest to the challenges have the solutions. In other words, you and fellow business owners already know the answers. In our sessions, you’ll get a lot of ideas that you can immediately apply to your business. But more importantly, you’ll be learning with and from other peers facing the same challenges you are. They’ll give new perspectives and insights and show you your blind spots. You’ll do the same for them. You’ll help each other tackle challenges, owner to owner. The real learning will be when these conversations happen: "Yep, I've dealt with this too and here's how I solved it..." or "I have that same challenge. Here’s what I’m considering. What about you?” Over time, your fellow business owners’ experiences will be a rich backdrop to draw from, just as yours will be for them.

At the same time, Suzanne and Douglas also have expertise to offer as experienced business consultants, coaches, facilitators, and teachers. They bring two decades of small-business experience, formal business education, and skills in guiding groups forward so that you are guaranteed to receive the value you are seeking by the end of a session.

So our sessions take the best of both scenarios of typical group coaching, offering you the network of others to learn from and with plus the expertise from a business coach to make sure you receive the answers and clarity you are seeking.

You’ll walk away with ideas, friends, and focus.

Learn from and with other small business owners.

To join Mycelium Networked Coaching, apply and interview to be accepted. We want to make sure that everyone in Mycelium are people with established small businesses that are cash-positive. There is an annual $250 fee to join and each session you attend is $250.

Minimum purchase of 4 sessions ($1000) which need to be used within 3 months.

Registration one week prior gives you $50 off (we'll give refund or credit which can add up to a free session after 5, or toward our 'public' events).