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Mycelium’s event was a great opportunity to critically examine my business’ strategic practices, as well as develop trackable solutions to achieving goals for the new year. In addition, I connected with and networked with fellow entrepreneurs, immediately creating a supporting network that is key for growing a small business. 

- Ben Garvey, Owner Ben Garvey Productions

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Suzanne is a coach, business wiz, leader and teammate all in one. Her toolbox is overflowing with knowledge about real and perceived blocks to business success and how to overcome them. Working with her was like putting a navigation system and turbo in our vehicle. Suddenly we had clear instructions of where to head and were moving three times as quickly. Don't wait to get her on your team!

- Amanda Copple, Owner Amanda Copple Coaching & Co-founder We Myndful

I took The Catalyst Course (the one-month beta version of Mycelium that Douglas taught at Portland Underground Grad School). The one-month course helped me solidify some ideas about where I was headed in my career and how I wanted to show up in the world. The process of learning, writing, reflection, and feedback really helped me to navigate my career as it was shifting from freelance work to what is now a leadership role. I remember wishing the course had been longer, so that students could work together through their own transitions and as they built their creative or business practices. I'm thrilled to hear that this is what Mycelium aims to provide.

- Beth Schechter, designer


I took the Catalyst Course with Douglas at Portland Underground Grad School and my experience was transformational. I recommend and (have been recommending) it to everyone. Setting aside time to work toward my goals with a smart, thoughtful cohort was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself.

- Breesa Culver, consultant