you started your business with a dream. Have you realized it yet?

We have seen this story play out many times with our friends. We have experienced it ourselves. It goes like this:

You became good at something. You built a technical expertise, a skill in a specific craft, and you became good enough that other people were willing to pay for it. So you decided to go off on your own and work for yourself because you had a dream of doing work that you cared about, how you wanted to, and in way that fit with the rest of your life.

And a couple years in, you’re past the startup phase and reached stability. But now you’ve realized that, while you may be an expert in the technical work of your product or service, you never learned how to excel at business. And it’s holding you back.

Don’t get us wrong. You are mad talented. You have already pushed yourself to learn new skills and demonstrate a capability to do more than you imagined. You have already grown personally in ways you did not anticipate.

But you know there’s more. More out of this business. More out of yourself. Your business can grow more. And so can you.

And here is why:

Being an expert at what you do and being a great businessperson are two different skills. Being good at the first while not paying attention to the second causes many small business owners to struggle, or even fail. Investing in your growth as a businessperson sets up your business to succeed. And helps create the life you wanted.


Business success requires learning business skills.

This may seem obvious. But consider the situation that most small business owners end up in:

Half of all small businesses fail within 5 years.*

You’ve accomplished a lot already. Starting a business takes enormous focus, courage and tenacity. And getting better at what you do.

Building a business so that it’s sustainable, profitable, and fits with the rest of your life is the next step. It takes learning how to run a business: thinking about and planning the long game of where you want to go professionally and personally.

We offer small business owners skills and knowledge in:

  • Management and personal leadership

  • Marketing and sales

  • Operations and systems design

  • Pricing strategy and positioning

  • Human resources and employee engagement

The better you get at these business skills, the faster you’ll get to your business dream.

* Read more about the statistics of small business success or failure here.

This is about more than business. This is about you.

At the heart of running a succesful business is good decision-making. A handful of decisions make or break any small business. And those have tremendous impacts on the rest of your life!

As a small business owner, these decisions need to serve both the business and you.

We want to help you make those decisions with business knowledge and peer support. In our intimate community, those decisions will not just be made based on a single bottom line. With your peers to coach you, you will consider decisions in a holistic context that includes the impact on your life, your personal dreams. Additional perspectives and honest feedback from fellow owners give you novel ideas, identify your blind spots, and hold you accountable to executing you plans.

Mycelium is for people who don’t just want to grow their business but also want to do the deep personal development that’s required to lead your business to the next level, to rise to the occasion of meeting your dream.


kaleidico-754613-unsplash (1).jpg

The price of staying in the status quo is staying in the status quo.

Do you have time to do this?

Time and attention are the most precious resources for any small business owner. Better question: do you have time not to do this? The more knowledge and community you have, the faster you’ll get to your business goal.

So what’s the cost of not doing do this?

The price of staying in the status quo is staying in the status quo.

The best time to plant a tree was yesterday. The second best time is now.
— Chinese proverb